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Booking request and payment 
All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.  Any online bookings will be subject to checks before we can confirm that your booking has been successful. Once you have followed the booking process online you will receive your booking confirmation within 48 hours.

SpannFri will not accept responsibility for any financial loss should you choose to confirm any travel needs prior to receiving your booking confirmation. In the unlikely event that your accommodation is not available, SpannFri will send other similar accommodation offers as an alternative, which you can chose to book or not. If you chose not to take any alternative accommodation you will not be charged and your booking will be made void.

SpannFri will send a booking confirmation for each booking request. After the booking has been made, you will have to settle 30% of the rental price within 5 working days. The balance has to be settled at least 60 days before the rental period starts.

In case the booking is made within 60 weeks before the rental period starts, the rental price has to be settled at once. All payments have to be pay through bank transfer. Your payment statement and the booking confirmation together can be used as the rental contract. 

The bank account number mentioned on the booking form needs to be used when paying the rental price. In case the rental amount is not received within 5 working days, we have the right to cancel the reservation without any prior notice. Amounts that have already been paid will not be refunded.  

SpannFri reserve the right to increase or decrease prices, at any time, without notice. In the event that the prices decrease after you have made a booking we are unable to give any refunds for the difference in price.

Extra costs and costs included in the rental price 
Unless mentioned otherwise, water and electricity, linnen and the use of a internet connection are included in the rental prices.

Cancellation by the tenant 
Cancellations need to be reported to SpannFri by telephone and in writing, and need to include the booking confirmation. Subsequently, SpannFri will send a cancellation confirmation/invoice. In case the booking is cancelled more than 40 days before the rental period starts, 25% of the total rental price will be invoiced. 

In case the booking is cancelled within 40 days before the rental period starts, 50% of the total rental price will be invoiced. In case the booking is cancelled within 15 days before the rental period starts, the full rental price will be invoiced.  

Cancellation by SpannFri 
In case the accommodation is not available for rent due to unexpected circumstances which SpannFri cannot be held responsible for, after the booking has been made and confirmed, SpannFri will offer the client another accommodation with similar or superior features, without reimbursement to the client or any extra costs for the client.  

Cancellation insurance 
SpannFri always recommend taking out cancellation insurance, even if you book shortly before the rental period starts. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you one. You can take care of both cancellation and travel insurance with your insurance agent.  

Liability of the renter 
During your stay in the holiday accommodation, you as a renter are fully responsible for the accommodation, the interior and everything else that belongs to the rented accommodation, and possible damage to the property caused by you or your travel companions will have to be paid to the manager instantly entirely by you. 

The tenant cannot be held liable for the possible consequences of burglary, loss of personal properties and any kind of damage, experienced by the renter in or around the accommodation, in the garden or in the (shared) swimming pool. House rules are an indissoluble part of the rental contract and need to be strictly observed. Upon departure the accommodation needs to be turned over in a reasonable condition, which means it needs to be broom clean.

Everything in the accommodation needs to put back into the same place as it was found upon arrival. Tableware needs to be cleaned properly and put back into the right place. In case the manager/owner notices that (one of) the above mentioned rules (is) are not observed, he or she is entitled to charge extra (cleaning) costs to the renter. The renter needs to put bedding on the beds, and is not allowed to use the beds without it.  

The descriptions on our website have been prepared in good faith. However SpannFri do not own or control any of the accommodation or any other facility within the accommodation, so we cannot accept any liability in respect of injury, loss or damage however caused, unless it is by act or omission of our company employees. Any valuables are left at your own risk. Our liability for affiliate to provide the service promised is limited to the value of the booking in all cases.

Number of occupants
The total number of guests staying at the property may not exceed the number specified on our website any on your rental voucher. The owner reserves the right to refuse entry or evict the entire party if the number of persons occupying a property exceeds the number stipulated.

In spite of the utmost care SpannFri pay to the service we offer, you might come up with a complaint. In case of an important complaint, you can contact the manager from your holiday destination. In most cases he or she is able to come up with a reasonable, acceptable solution, and you are still able to continue having a wonderful holiday.  

In case you are planning to use the internet SpannFri cannot guarantee the quality of the internet connection.  

Final Cleaning 
The accommodation needs to be turned over in a clean and tidy condition as mentioned in the house rules at all times (clean tableware in the cupboard, no left about household waste, clean barbecue, clean oven etc.). In case you fail to comply to these rules, you might not receive your full deposit back.  

In case the accommodation is not turned over in a clean and undamaged condition and if, for example, the inventory or the accommodation is damaged or something is missing, you might not receive your entire deposit back. The deposit will be refunded within 8 days after departure.  

Water and electricity 
In countries like Spain, failures in water and power supply are more common than in many other countries. Municipal and/or regional authorities can, for various reasons, decide to cut off or decrease the water and electricity supply. SpannFri cannot be held responsible for the caused damage.  

Renters are not allowed to cause any noise nuisance to the people in the area. They ought to respect the peace of their surroundings at all times. From 10pm until 8am, one needs to respect the nightly rest of his or her neighbours.  

Energy consumption and environment 
If you leave the lights and air conditioning on night and day, the average energy consumption will increase. In order to keep your costs down and to save the environment, we advise you to take this into account.
Building activities, noise nuisance and environmental problems 
Incidentally, unexpected building activities are taking place in the direct surroundings of the accommodation, or neighbours, church bells or farming tools are causing noise nuisance. We cannot be held responsible for this. Neither can we protect you against any environmental problems in your holiday area.  

Swimming pools 
The shared swimming pool can usually be used from May till November. SpannFri is not responsible for the cleaning of the swimming pool. In very few exceptional cases the swimming pool has to be maintained, repaired or cleaned. SpannFri cannot be held responsible for possible inconvenience this may lead to.

Privacy policy regarding the users of this website 
SpannFri treats the personal information of the website visitors in a respectful and confidential way, according to the law, and takes every possible measure to save personal information safely and correctly. In case you have any further questions concerning our privacy policy, please make sure to contact us. We may use certain information in case you visit “this website”, register yourself or use our services, in order to inform you about important changes related to this website and our services when necessary.  

If you gave us your permission, we can use your information in order to inform you about our other services.  We will not reveal or sell your information to third parties, or share your information with them, unless the law forces us to do so. We may adjust our privacy policy if new services need to be added, the applicable laws have changed, or in case of commercial developments.  Adjustments to the privacy policy will be published on this website.

Terms and conditions website and limited liability 
The terms and conditions of this “disclaimer” are applicable to this website. Please make sure to read this disclaimer carefully. All documents and other information on this website are protected with copyright. Although this website has been constructed with utmost care, SpannFri cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage possibly caused by using the information on this website. No rights may be derived from and no claims can be laid to the content of this website.  

Use of this website 
The information offered via this website may not be used instead of advice. Decisions based on this information are for your own account and risk.  

Information regarding destinations 
Photos and descriptions of destinations and holiday accommodations on this website are made and placed with utmost care. They are meant to give you a realistic impression of the accommodations.  

Applicability of the general terms and conditions 
The SpannFri terms and conditions are applicable to all accommodations and other (additional) services offered on this website by SpannFri.   

On the website and the content of it, the SpannFri copyright is applicable. One is not allowed to use the content of this website for commercial purposes without our prior written approval.


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